Car Rental With Driver In Dubai
Looking for Rent a Car with Driver in Dubai? Gulf Luxury is reputed car rental company offering reliable & affordable services of car rental with driver in Dubai. Get cheap car rental service
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Car Rental Services


Gulf Luxury car rental is one of the leading Rent a car Company based in UAE since 2003. We take the hassle out of public transportation so you can roam the roads freely. With our special offer the best deals in hiring cars for any need of yours. Gulf Luxury car rental has a wild choice of vehicles to suit your needs, rates you can get to where you need to be on your own schedule at economically affordable prices. We offer reliable as well as affordable services of  rent a car with driver in Dubai. We providing services to major Five Star Hotel, Tourism, corporate client banking, top business executives and Multinational &/or Local Companies in Dubai with added values of luxury, security, sincerity and punctuality. Our staff consists of experienced yet young and energetic individuals who are ready to serve you 24/7. At Gulf Luxury car rental we believe all our client deserves the incomparable standards we offer. We guarantee best rental rates in not just Dubai but in the whole of United Arab Emirates.

Being here in Dubai image is everything, that is why most people would like to rent a car with driver in Dubai not only to get the comfort that they want but also the appearance that they will get once they got out of the car. Most people would like to give a best impression to everyone and mostly first impression can be gained once a person got out of a luxury car with a professional driver.

Why would a traveler, a businessman and a group of friends/workmates would prefer to book a car rental with driver in Dubai, we all know that Dubai has a lot of great transport links such as, metro links, buses, Taxis and trams. Reason behind is, they need a reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a very professional chauffeur that can provide them the comfort and the service that’s worth the money that they have paid and requested for.

Any transport company can claim that they have the best service in the UAE. What makes Gulf Luxury Car Rental is different from other transportation company is, when you hire a car with driver in Dubai  with us you will definitely feel and experience a hassle-free and comfort travel that you have never experienced before. It is like you booked a First-Class seat in a plane that everything is served on hands or on your table. Our Chauffeur will serve you the best way they can, they are eager to meet the clients demands and wants as we know that all guest should feel valued in any way possible.


Kia Picanto


Toyota Yaris Hatchback


Hyundai Accent


Toyota Yaris Sedan


Nissan Sentra


Hyundai Elantra


Toyota Corolla


Kia Soul


Hyundai Sonata


Ford Fusion


Nissan Altima


Toyota Camry


Honda Accord


Toyota Prado


Toyota Innova

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