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Gulf Luxury Car Rental is the only company offers Group transport service in UAE at affordable prices. Hire car with driver in Dubai / Abu Dhabi with low prices
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Group Transport

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Book Car with Driver in Dubai / Abu Dhabi, UAE

Do you have any plans to explore Dubai with your friends, Family and Co-Workers? Or do you have important meetings to attend to with your group .Gulf Luxury car rental is one of the leading Group Transport Company based in UAE since 2003. As a result of our tailored leasing plans, Gulf Luxury car rental customers enjoy professional fleet management, combined with fixed cost budgeting that frees up time and resources, so that our customers can concentrate on running their business. With our special offer the best deals in hiring Group Transport Service for any need of yours. You may be riding a Large Vehicle what we guarantee is you will still feel that you’re being taken cared of by the Chauffeur, Where in we Provide Chauffeur Service in Dubai, Chauffeur Service in Abu Dhabi even with these big vehicles . Gulf Luxury car rental has a wild choice of vehicles to suit your needs, rates you can get to where you need to be on your own schedule at economically affordable prices. Along with group transport service, we offer luxury car with driver in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. We providing services to major Five Star Hotel, Tourism and Multinational &/or Local Companies in Dubai with added values of luxury, security, sincerity and punctuality. Our staff consists of experienced yet young and energetic individuals who are ready to serve you 24/7.


We would love to provide you the best Chauffeur Service in Dubai or Anywhere in UAE. At it’s flexible and very affordable rates, you get to enjoy the beauty of UAE with your friends, Family and workmates! At Gulf Luxury car rental we believe all our client deserves the incomparable standards we offer. We guarantee best rental rates in not just Dubai but in the whole of United Arab Emirates.


Choosing the right car with driver in Dubai would be an advantage to obtain the luxury lifestyle. We would always need to have a reliable chauffeur that knows all locations in Dubai; we don’t want to take the hassle of searching the location where to go and being stuck with traffic jams. This hassle can be avoided if you will hire a car with driver in Dubai. Our Chauffeurs are very knowledgeable with all the roads in Dubai and definitely can avoid traffic jams for our client to reach their destination on time. Gulf Luxury Car Rental, has been providing a Chauffeur Service in Dubai for so long that companies, hotels, and tourist trusted. Our keen focus is to provide luxury comfort for our clients.

Luxury Transport does not mean only few can afford, with Gulf Luxury Cars we always try to provide the best rates and we are flexible for the budget of our clients. Having a car with driver in Dubai will lead you to a very comfortable trip, you can save your precious time, just relaxing and enjoying the impeccable views of Dubai while our professional chauffeurs will drive for you. Booking a Car with driver in Dubai with us is for you having an additional service of tourist guide; our chauffeurs can act as your tourist guide and will recommend best spots for the best travel of your life.

In our entire time of providing service in UAE most common question that we have been asked is if there’s any limit in the kilometer, what includes in the service. We are very proud to inform, if you hire a car with Driver in Dubai with us, there will be “no limit on the kilometer” that you have to use, once booking is confirmed and you booked for example a full day in Dubai your Chauffeur will bring you anywhere or everywhere in Dubai. With the quoted price given there are no hidden charges and that’s the fix price, and the service includes Salik, water, driver, Fuel, complimentary water and tissue, and insurance for both passenger and driver.


Want to make your transportation from and to Abu Dhabi airport without any hassle? Make plans with us by hiring a Car with Driver in Abu Dhabi. Avoid taking the ordinary taxi’s and shuttles/buses as this will cause a stress, reason is there’s a lot of people looking for taxis outside the airport. Most people will be very eager to get a taxi as they would need to go immediately and this is a total hassle for a traveler. A price doesn’t have a big difference from riding a taxi or shuttle/buses to booking a Chauffeur that is reliant and make the ride even better. Having a chauffeur service in Abu Dhabi Airport, would be a total hassle-free, provided that your chauffeur will be at the arrival area with a sign board with your name and the chauffeur will keep in touch you via call/WhatsApp. A Chauffeur will help you bring your luggage to where the booked car is parked. From the time you sat in the car it’s time for you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Gulf Luxury Car Rental will give you the opportunity to choose a variety of cars for the best trip of your life! We have suitable cars for your demands, whether it’s for business meetings, Group tours, Corporate events and many more! Rent a Car with driver in Abu Dhabi is really needed nowadays as it’s a long ride ahead and we would need to have a driver that’s well knowledgeable with the places in Abu Dhabi. Choosing the perfect vehicle would make your trip even better. Having a suitable car and well trusted driver is the perfect combination for having a long ride.

Renting or booking a car with driver in Abu Dhabi with Gulf Luxury is an advantage for our clients to take. We have been serving larger clients and smaller clients in which they’ve been receiving equal privileges. As a company we’ll never allow to treat our customers differently. Once the booking has been confirmed with us whether it is small or big bookings it will be treated equally. Because our main goal is to make our clients feel that they’re getting the benefit on what they’ve paid and expected for.

Gulf Luxury Car Rental is being trusted with a lot of companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most companies will not just hire a car with driver in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere in UAE, they are looking into a reliable, trustworthy, and flexible and a chauffeur company that can meet their demands in which they found with us. We have proven our service for so long and we’ve never missed to make our customers to be contented with the service. Not only these companies that trusted us; also, our tourist clients, and companies around the world who always visits UAE for corporate events, business meeting and for leisure.

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