Gulf Luxury is reputed car rental company in Dubai. Our cheap monthly rent a car in Dubai or monthly car hire Dubai services are ideal for residents as well as UAE tourists
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Car Rental

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Monthly & Long Term Car Rental in Dubai 

Remove the Hassle!

Worry free in roaming around Dubai!

Our Rent a car fleets are ready to be with you in your journey here in Dubai. With well maintained, nice cars and at its flexible prices.

With Gulf Luxury Car Rental we offer Monthly Car Rental in Dubai where-in we will take care everything for your car maintenance, Salik Charges, Comprehensive Insurance, Operations will be available 24/7 only for our valued guests for the entire month. And all you have to do at the end of the month is to pay the bill. That’s how easy renting a car with Gulf Luxury Car Rentals!

Gulf Luxury Car Rentals always wants to meet the expectations of our clients; we want to build a good relationship that will last long. Here we also provide a Long Term Car Rental in Dubai, in which clients will have a signed contract. Benefits of being in a Long Term Car Rental, clients will be given a much more better rates and company would be gladly to buy a new car as per guests request so long as the contract signed will be followed.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai 

Advantages of Renting a car:

1.  Save Money

You can save money by renting a car than buying. Buying your own car in UAE is expensive, due to high maintenance. Renting a car on a monthly basis will be a less price compared to the brand new car installments, and the rent a car company will take care of all the maintenance of the car.

2.  Price

Due to the markets competition, the prices will be given on its best deals.

3.  Low Cost Travel

Travelling in UAE and exploring best places here will be a little expensive and tiring. By renting a car, you get a chance of paying an amount where in you can explore without paying any additional cost, and you get to drive on the roads of UAE.

4.  Monthly and Yearly Contract

Car rental companies ,offers Monthly Car Rental and Long term Car rental. Where in you get a chance to have a better price than paying it on its regular rate.

5.  Hassle Free

Renting a car is easy other than buying your own car. As long as the proper documents have been provided.

Affordable Long Term Car Rental in Dubai

Most companies who have corporate or business meetings, have a busy schedule in a month or more, they have meetings after meetings around Dubai  Businessman should not take the hassle of looking for a transportation in which they’re already occupied in preparing their reports for their meetings. Gulf Luxury Cars is  providing a Long Term Car Rental in Dubai with driver, which means there will be a specific Chauffeur and a car as requested in the booking that will accompany them throughout the booking. In taking advantage for the service of Long Term Car Rental in Dubai with chauffeur, not only a benefit of hassle-free transportation but also a benefit of getting the best rates that a transport company can give.

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